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This is a community by Rhythm Gamers, for Rhythm gamers alike! This subreddit is for content relevant to any game with music as a central gameplay component. Whether your favourite rhythm game is *Dance Dance Revolution*, *Rock Band*, *DJMax*, or even *Stepping Superior 3*. Talk about it here.

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We are a small, welcoming and friendly community with a variety of interests including but not limited to: playing video games, watching movies, reading books, writing stories and more.

We love creativity and having fun, because of this we offer a little bit of everything.

We have:
– Active staff
– Active members (We are not a lot, but always up for a chat and currently all from Europe)
– A unique event system is currently in the making with quests, leaderboards and rewards.
– General Events, such as movie nights, game nights and competitions.
– Role colours and other role rewards through our economy bot.
– Mini gambling games with virtual money through our economy bot.
– Adaptability, We make changes to the server based on suggestions and our own ideas. With a custom bot in the making, we can also add features to it. As well as coders may be allowed access to contribute to it.

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