About Us

Hi, I am Sirena, Director and founder of MySirena. I started out as a techie with a passion for creating content which is how MySirena became my brand for my blog. I later began to code Discord Bots as I wanted some features for my Discord bot that I at the time could not find in any of the public bots. I quickly found out that there are a lot of people coding bots for their servers but not always got the place to host their bot or simply people that want a pre coded bot hosted for their server but don’t know how to get that bot set up and don’t have a server for it. Which is why I expanded my brand from being the personal brand I use for all of my projects to provide a service for others to get their bot online by people who knows how to operate a server infrastructure. Granted I am only just starting out and my services are at this current time limited to what I can handle as a single person and so is my client limit.


To Provide a non-profit affordable solution to get your custom Discord bot hosted without the complications of setting up a server to host the bot.


I am a one man party at this given time and I can only provide a service for a limited amount of clients and is heavily dependent on support to be able to afford the costs of running the hosting platform as well as provide top level support as this is something I do out of my own pocket and I do not plan on making it into a profitable business.



Director/Operations Lead

Hi, I am Sirena I got a BSc in Computer Networking, specialized in Cyber Security.
I have been on Discord for several years and coded bots for Discord Servers as a hobby in my free time which I then self host.